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This is not your normal race.  This is a calling.

Support our veterans at MTSU. 

November 10, 2013 MTSU The Warrior Challenge


This race is meant to honor all those who have served in our communities.  The everyday heroes that walk among us.  They are silent. They are warriors.  This race is for them. Register now and show your commitment to them.

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Why the Challenge?

Photo Credit: Russel Klika

Photo Credit: Russel Klika

The Warrior Challenge is an important reminder of all those that sacrifice.  The Challenge is being held around Veterans Day to honor all those who serve.  Middle Tennessee has over 10,000 veterans that have served in Iraq and Afghanistan.  

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The Commitment

There are many ways to express our commitment.  Our sponsors are contributing to raise awareness of all those who serve in our local communities.  Click to find out how you can sponsor those who serve.  They have served us.  Now it is our turn to serve them.

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